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The Minor in American Indian Studies

Students pursuing a minor in American Indian studies examine a variety of issues that confront American Indian communities, and develop insight into the history and culture of the indigenous peoples of Southern California, the nation, and the Americas.

There are no admission requirements and no prerequisites for the American Indian Studies minor. You may declare a minor any time prior to applying for graduation. If you are interested in pursuing the American Indian Studies minor, you are welcome to enroll in courses that will eventually apply toward the minor and those courses will apply if you choose to declare the minor in the future.

Degree Requirements

The minor in American Indian studies consists of a minimum of 18 units, 12 of which must be upper division courses selected from American Indian studies or other appropriate departments (e.g., anthropology, linguistics, political science, Latin American studies) in consultation with the undergraduate adviser.

Courses in the minor may not be counted toward the major, but may be used to satisfy preparation for the major and general education requirements, if applicable. A minimum of six upper division units must be completed in residence at San Diego State University.

How to Declare a Minor

To declare an American Indian Studies minor, you will need to meet with the American Indian Studies Undergraduate Adviser. Please visit our Advising page  for instructions.