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San Diego State University - University of British Columbia

The SDSU American Indian Studies-University of British Columbia First Nations Studies Exchange Program is open to all SDSU students affiliated with the department of American Indian Studies, who have taken at least one year of coursework and are in good academic standing (GPA of 2.5 or higher).

Financial Aid: SDSU Financial Aid programs are available to all qualified students, so apply early! Please note that participants in the exchange program must still pay SDSU tuition.

Housing: Participating students will be responsible for making their own arrangement with the University of British Columbia Housing Office. Do not delay as students housing is at a premium.
   Phone: 604-822-2811
   Fax: 604-822-6935

UBC Academic Calendar: The UBC Winter Season is divided into two terms: The first term, generally from early September to late December (although some studies begin in August) and the second term, generally from early January to the end of April (although some studies continue well into the month of May). During the Winter Session classes are offered in the evening as well as in the the day. Term 1 of Summer Session begins in mid-May and continues through July. Term 2 of Summer Session begins in early July and ends in mid-August.

Program Brochure: For details and specific courses, view the brochure.

More Information: contact SDSU's Department of American Indian Studies undergraduate advisor:
   Professor Margaret Field
   Phone: 619-594-6991